We get all sorts of questions when it comes to our birthday parties, so we will try to answer the most common ones here.  If you have a question that is not answered here, just give us a call or email us.

Q: Can I bring in my own food?

A: Yes! You are welcome to bring in outside food for a $15 surcharge.

Q: I want to add food, ice cream, goodie bags, chips & salsa, balloons, (you get the idea); is that possible?

A: Yes! You will be given this option during the online booking process, just click the BOOK NOW button

Q: How much pizza should I order?

A: We recommend 1 slice per child and 1 pizza for every 6-8 adults. Our pizzas come from Barro’s, are XL and have 12 slices.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to the party?

A: In most cases, you only need to bring the cake (we can get that for you if you want) and candles, if you have some special decorations please drop them off the day before the party.

Q: Do all of my guests need to take their shoes off?

A: Yes, we require ALL guests to remove their shoes, including the adults. While we do not require socks, most guests prefer them. Many people bring extra for their guests who forget or we have some here for purchase. We also have shoe covers for those guests who cannot remove their shoes.

Q: What themes can I choose from?

A: Included in the package price, you can choose any solid colors for your tablecloths, plates and napkins. For $25 more you may choose from our Premium Theme list

Q: What if something happens and we can’t make it to the party, what is your cancellation policy?

A: The $75.00 (tax included) deposit is non-refundable. You may change your party date/ time if it is two weeks or more from you party date for another available time during the next 2 months. If it is less than two weeks a new deposit is required.

Q: Can I bring in a face painter, costume character, photographer, etc.?

A: Yes, you can and if you need some recommendations on who to hire, we know some great people to recommend to you. If you choose to bring in an outside activity we recommend booking the last party of the day and adding additional time.

Q: Can I bring in a pinata?

A: Yes, but it has to be a pull string pinata. Please do not fill it with confetti, it makes a huge mess.

Q: Can we stay and play after our party?

A: If at the conclusion of your party we are still open to the public you and your guests may stay and play. We will just need you to vacate the party room so we can set up for the next party.

Q: What if I want more time, or what if my party runs over the two hours?

A: If you want to add more time to your party you can do so if your party is the last party of the day, (or if we do not have a party scheduled after yours). Adding time to your party can be done in 30 minute increments at the rate of $50 per increment. Max of 1 additional hour. Additional time must be booked prior to your party date. We need to allow ample time between parties for cleaning and to setup for the next party, so if your party exceeds the two hour limit we will impose a $25 charge on your final bill.