It seems like forever, but it’s been four and a half years since we closed our doors at Shae and 32nd street. Often I think about the families that I grew to know and how most of those kids must be so big by now! Looking back at the pictures from our old website I remember the young faces, the games they’d play, and the drawings that were left at the end of the day that made me so proud to own a small business that brought joy to them.

Over the last four years we’ve never stopped looking for a new location. We looked in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale… all would’ve been great locations for us, but it just never worked out for one reason or another. Bad parking lots, not enough parking, wrong neighbors in the adjacent buildings, old buildings that needed too much work. We looked at leasing, buying and building our own facility. Believe me when I say we sincerely tried! 

Now with the current changes in life and business we’re looking to focus on coming up with an innovative way to entertain your kids through online platforms. As time goes one we’ll keep developing our site and when it’s ready, I think we’ll have some great options for everyone to keep the kids happy, busy and learning through online and at-home entertainment.