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imagination avenue online

We're working to develop an online party and entertainment solution to keep your kids active during these uncertain times.


Check back often as we develop our new site! 

Birthday Parties

We're working to develop a party solution that is entertaining and safe. We have some great ideas... check back soon!

Play Time

Keeping your kids entertained can be a challenge right now. But, we're working on ideas that are not only educational but fun as well.

Not just online

As well as online parties and games, we'll have an online store soon with great toys that will keep their imaginations going!

Coming soon

It's playtime! Online At Home Anywhere

We're working hard to develop this site and make our ideas a reality. Keep checking back, we'll be working a lot over the next couple of months to get this site fully functional. 


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What we’ve been up to

It seems like forever, but it’s been four and a half years since we closed our doors at Shae and 32nd street. Often I think about the families that I grew to know and how most of those kids must be so big by now! Looking back at the pictures from our old website I…